Alternative Construction Technologies

dMA support the use of new innovative materials and factory built systems in the delivery of housing.

dMA can advise on the use of non-traditional forms of construction. Techniques such as system building and off-site prefabrication can bring many benefits to a project such as speed, quality, reliability and overall delivery.

Prefabricated Wall Panel

Composite Wall Panel

Kitchen Pod

Reglit Glass Panels

Suppliers of Alternative Construction Technologies
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Structural Insulated Panel systems (SIP)

These systems represent the optimum use of off-site prefabrication whereby large sections of wall and roof panels are delivered to site for assembly. They provide added benefits in maximising attic space as the panels are structural. They are proven to provide significantly warmer buildings through increased thermal performance, however early coordination is essential for correct setting out and accurate location of services.

Timber Frame Construction

Increasingly popular for house building this form of construction delivers pre-assembled timber studwork wall elements. This system gives greater flexibility in working with site tolerances but is slower as insulation and board finishes are applied on site. Particular care in relation to fire, sound and structure needs to be taken when constructing over 2 storeys in height. Some timberframe companies provide a design service. These are generally pre-determined. They may not provide skillfull design for difficult sloping sites etc or if you , the client, require one-off specific design to meet your specific requirements. dMA provide this service and can have it built by the manufacturers.
You may also require some one to professional manage the planning process for you. You will also require RIAI certification at the end if you need to sell on their property.

dMA can manage the planning process for you and dMA is certified by the RIAI.

Pod Systems

Pods can range from finished bathrooms, kitchens and full bedrooms and prove to be an extremely time efficient method of construction. Generally used on larger apartment developments or hotels were the structure is repetitive. They have the benefit of minimising the extent of internal finishes by guaranteeing a quality end product. Care must be given to storage and lifting on site to minimise damage.

Steel Frame Products

Similar to timber frame construction except members comprise of light gauge structural steel. Steel frame has the benefit of high strength and offers design flexibility for future changes to layout in terms of the lifetime usability of a dwelling.

System Building

Various system alternatives for providing high performance building fabrics. Some systems provide innovative solutions to using a brick slip system externally without the need for cavity wall construction or wet trades.

Various Products

A selection of products providing alternatives to common building elements such as chimney construction, underfloor heating, single leaf blocks.